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Innovate Legal LLC was founded to be a personal advisor for all types of real estate transactions and to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a strategic partner.  We help our clients make difficult decisions and offer solutions that move their transactions and business forward. 





We believe you possess the intel, market knowledge, and unique value offering to make your company a success.  Our role is to provide the legal tools you need for your gifts and talents to have the impact that you desire.


What makes Innovate Legal different?


Business Experience: Our legal counsel reflects our experience launching and growing Businesses.  Our vision is aligned with our clients and we understand their broader growth objectives. We offer practical solutions that add value and are not a drain on company revenue.


Pay for Value, Not Time: We strive to always deliver value to our clients and ensure that they are not paying for empty time.  We offer flexible billing options including flat fees, hourly fees, monthly fees for corporate counsel, and equity as compensation.


Collaborative Environment: We serve our clients as a hub for connecting with innovators, leaders, and likeminded thinkers.   Our vast client network of entrepreneurs and business owners connect through Innovate Legal and serve each other as mentors, partners, and contributors.



Our Philosophy:
Social Impact

Learn how Innovate Legal is having an impact in our neighborhoods:

  • Business Start-up Counsel and Consulting for low-income individuals.

  • Training & Education Workshops.

William A. Galioto

At the heart of William's work for Innovate Legal is a passion for connecting with people, hearing their unique stories, and helping to move their ideas forward.  He has vast experience working with businesses at varying growth stages and across a variety of industries.  His core objective is to leverage his experience and training to provide solutions that mitigate exposure to risk and reduce market barriers, 


William has worked in various capacities that require a deep understanding of how business strategy and legal solutions intersect:


He founded and launched a first of its kind Social Enterprise, Barrio Bonito, in 2009.  This company served low income youth as a career development program and entrepreneurship incubator, while operating as a fashion & lifestyle brand selling clothing, music, and hosting events.  Barrio Bonito was formed with a unique entity structure and contract terms that allowed it to it to generate revenue through business sales and receive contributions for social programing. 


William worked as the Vice President of a hospitality renovation company in business development and legal counsel capacities.  He was responsible for expanding the company into new markets and developing an internal infrastructure and human capital capable of handling growth in sales and operations.  Most recently, William worked in a similar capacity with a growth stage design-build company focused on sustainable/green construction.  While working as the Vice President with Newgrange, he co-lead the formation and launch of a new Solar PV design and installation company. 


William has developed lasting relationships with different real estate brokerage firms and worked closely with them on both residential and commercial transactions.  Further, he has lead a development team for several sustainability focused residential and mixed use projects.  The building concepts that he has been involved with emphasize community value and the buildings legacy for future generations.  





  • B.A. in Business-Economics from Miami University (Ohio) - 2006.

  • J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law - 2009.

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