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Innovative Legal Solutions for Real Estate, Business, and Estate Planning matters.


We provide solutions that connect people, facilitate business growth, and help accomplish your goals.  Innovate Legal, LLC serves individuals in various real estate & estate planning matters, and entrepreneurs and small businesses across a variety of industries. 
How are we different?

Business Experience

Our legal counsel reflects our experience launching and growing Businesses.  Our vision is aligned with our clients' and we understand their broader growth objectives. We offer practical solutions that add value and are not a drain on company revenue.

Pay for Value, Not time

We strive to always deliver value to our clients and ensure that they are not paying for empty time.  We offer flexible billing options including flat fees, hourly fees, monthly fees for corporate counsel, and equity as compensation.

Collaborative Environment

We serve our clients as a hub for connecting with innovators, leaders, and likeminded thinkers.   Our vast client network of entrepreneurs and business leaders connect through Innovate Legal and serve each other as mentors, partners, and  contributors.

Consult Us

We are passionate about moving your business forward or assisting on all types of real estate transactions, and are available for an initial consultation at no charge.

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